by Former States

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Recorded/Produced by Nick Diener in Saginaw, MI.
Mixed/Mastered by Mark Michalik.


released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Former States Detroit, Michigan

Midwestern Gloompop.
Either/Or Records.

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Track Name: Stone Angel
Everything that I'm not catches up when I'm alone
With eyes plastered shut, no one's home
You tie the knots with your words
They come bearing the spoken curse
To see the sight I saw that night
Nothing could be worse

Tell me why we're still waiting
Is this real or fading
I know life will still go on after you're gone

And when the harbors couldn't hold you and I anymore
You left and I dropped down, collapsing on the floor
I don't think that it is possible for me to feel as sore
As the time I sat and watched your life fade through the door

Angel made of stone, only love I've ever known
Angel made of stone, when will you come home
Track Name: Pudge
Some days I'm afraid to die
I don't think I've gotten what I need out of life
There are days when the skin on my bones
Holds nothing down but feeling alone

Some days I want to tear out my eyes
Restore the hinges and make you realize
That straight and fast is the only way out
So just leave my thoughts on the fringe, I never forgot about you

My lungs grew weak on the day you left
The emptiness building within my chest
You went straight and fast into a new life
And just like that you were gone, nothing felt right
For days I longed to know the truth, why you'd gone
But some things don't come so easily, I've been wrong
Well I can cut ties to your thoughts and count myself out
But your presence I'll never live without
I said I just hope in time you will forgive me
Because I'm sorry Alaska, and I always will be

Capacity won't consume me
I know where you are is where I need to be
Track Name: Heritage
As time passes by I'm left thinking of lost hope
I've never been so close to giving up
And even though I don't care anymore
I just don't think that this is enough

Today was the worst of many
First time I've thought in awhile
These times I've cherished don't mean anything but traded days and unfamiliar smiles

And I'm sorry, but I wasn't lying when I said you're not enough
(I'm thinking of giving up)
And I'm sorry now that I'm the one that had to tell you this myself
Track Name: Judas
Just go, give up your best shot and go
'Cause nothing in life means more than you could know
You should try looking at your dreams
The sadness bursting at the seams

If my life had a purpose
I'd do what I could to prove I deserve it
And everything you ever saw in me
Was everything I never wanted to be

Bring me back the days before
'Cause in the end they're all we're good for

If my life had a purpose,
I'd do what I could to prove I deserve it
And everything you ever saw in me
Was everything I never wanted to be

When the sun shines through the day
I'll have known I found my way
Track Name: Leaph Street
I'm sorry I ruined everything again
But I swear to god I care more than the average man
I make so many mistakes and let down those that I love
My heart just aches

Im not as useless
As I make myself out to be
(I tried to do right)
Maybe if you just believed in me

Leaph street youre empty like the hollow chest in me
You're shattered like bones

Leaph street you're barley holding on
Make up what everyone else sees
Like a branch off a tree
When you fall
You will lose all
And be dead underground
Just like im suppose to be